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Al-Qalam Journal of Medical and Human Sciences (AJMHS)
Local number: 277/2015

 Issue  2017

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Screening for Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Antioxidants by Applying Formalin Test Using Albino Mice

Aburawi S*, Al Tubuly R, Friwan A, Al-Ghdamsi M

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 8 

Onset of Action, Clinical Duration, and Recovery Index of Rocuronium: A Comparison with Atracurium

Atia A1*, Abired A2 , Ashour A1

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

1 - 4

In Vitro Anti-MRSA and Antioxidants Activities of Different Aerial Part Extracts of Cakile maritima

Shushni M1 , Eddeb M1 , Mohamed S2 , Sufya N2

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 5

Recent Thymic Emigrants: A New Method for Thymus Function Evaluation

Eida M. Elmansorry

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 7

Sustained Release of Amoxicilline Trihydrate for Oral Drug Delivery System

Abdulrhman. A. Akasha,

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 6

The Prevalence of Verocytotoxin-Producing Escherichia coli O157 (VTEC) in Dairy Cattle in Tripoli Area, Libya

Helmi H*, Gusbi A, Fares A

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 8

Zoonotic Importance and Prevalence of Toxocara spp among Pets in Tripoli, Libya

Mansour L 1*, Gerish E 2 , Al-Toome S 1

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 9

Microbiological Quality and Detection of the Genes Stx1 and Stx2 in Fresh Sausage Marketed in Tripoli, Libya

Ben Hamza I 1*, Elshrek Y2 , Abojnah Y2 , Al gazali M3 , Ibrahim K4 .

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 5

Study of Risk Factors for Toxoplasma gondii infection in Tripoli

Sumaya Elgodwi

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 8

Isoflurane versus Desflurane for Anaesthesia in Surgical Operation: A Comparison of Maintenance and Hemodynamic Profile

Ashour A1 , Elyagoubi A2 , Abired A3 , Atia A1*, Abdo M4 , Bkhit N5

[Abstract]    [Full PDF]

 1 - 5

Assessment of Biosafety and Biosecurity Aspects in Diagnostic Clinical Laboratories in Tripoli, Libya

Ben Ashur A1 , Wahed E1 , Magrahi H1 , Najla Elyounsi1, Annajar B2

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 6

Molecular Detection of Chicken Infectious Anaemia Virus from Backyard Chickens in Libya

Al-Kateb A1*, Mansour L 2 , Skeeb A3 , Al-Khallab E 4 , Dardour A5 , and Gerish E KH6 .

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 5

Application and Hazards of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery - A Review

Gerish E1*, Mansour L2 , Dardour A3 , Al-Fallani E 1 , Saleh S4 , Al-Tajoury A5 , Abuderhiba KH1 , Abu Senina A3

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 11

Testing the presence of bacteriological aerobic bacteria (HAB) (Bacteria Aerobic Heterotrophic And Bacteria Reduced Sulphate (SRB) in some species Water for the city of Tripoli

Abdul salam ibrahim roufidah 1, marwa fikri the world 2, Hassanah amhamed alalam 2

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 8

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