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Al-Qalam Journal of Medical and Human Sciences (AJMHS)

Local number: 277/2015

Dear Visitors, AlQalam Journal of Medical and Human Sciences (AJMHS) is proud to put the sixth edition (volume 1 online ) of the Journal to your hands . We hope that everyone benefits

Current Issue  2018

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Pre-Marital Test of Genetic Compatibility for Effective Child Health: An Islamic Perspective Kamal-deen Sulaiman
Department of Religious Studies, Ekiti-State University, PMB 5363, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria 

[Abstract   [Full PDF]


MnO2 and TiO2 Catalyzed the Hydrolysis of Quinalphos

Esbata A1*, Buncel E2, W. vanLoon G2
Department of Chemistry, Misurata University, Misurata, Libya
Department of Chemistry, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 20 - 28 

Guidelines for Programs and Departments in Undergraduate Medical
Technology Sciences

Elmansorry E* and El khoga J

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 8 

Incidence of Hypotension during Recovery from Spinal and Epidural

Atia A1* and Elyagoubi A2

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

1 - 4

Relevance of Nanomedicine to Veterinary Science: An Insight

Gerish E1*, Mansour L2, and AlKateb A3.

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 5

Prevalence of Antibodies Against Chicken Infectious Anaemia Virus Among
Free-Range Chickens in Northeastern Libya

Gerish E1*, Mansour L2, Gawas A2, Al-Kateb A3, Al-Khallab E1, Skeeb A1, Al-Ghriany O4, and Al-Tajoury5

[Abstract   [Full PDF]

 1 - 7

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